Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmm in Encinitas

Inquiring Encinitans are wondering:

1) Where does Cottonwood Creek start? If you go to the southeast corner of Cottonwood Creek Park, you'll see the creek go under Encinitas Boulevard near Wendy's and Denny's. But where does it come out the other side? It seems like a decent amount of water, but it can't be coming from too far east because of the big ridge between I-5 and El Camino Real. Is it spring water? Encinitas History & Heritage doesn't shed any light. Alas, Google answers the mystery here.

2) What's the deal with the sheds on stilts in Leucadia? Dalager's got one in his yard, and there's another one up near the Leucadia fire station. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more around town. Are these the playhouses of a bygone generation of children? Was this the hip thing to have years ago?


  1. Dalager put one in when the backwash of his lies came to innundate him - it is his Danny's Arc stocked with 2 of every kitchen appliance and a pardon by burning bush Dumanis written on the stone tablet.

  2. Get over it! The joy of Leucadia is the lack of lock-step trendiness other beach areas have. We do what we do with no excuses.Bring on MORE treehouses and yurts. And yes, buildings on stilts. And a big "BITE ME" to Newbies with their tract development mentality.

  3. A little touchy, aren't we?

    I'm just curious, not complaining.

  4. Not exactly. Just tired of people not accepting individual differences...and mocking them because they do not parallel their own tastes.

    Oh HOW this Town has changed.