Wednesday, May 11, 2011

State and feds to install $4.5 million underground homeless shelter at Santa Fe & Vulcan

What budget crisis?

The $4.5 million project would allow foot and bike traffic to go under the railroad tracks to access Coast Highway 101 and Swami's beach. It was the final hurdle for the proposed tunnel, which could begin construction this fall.


Those opposed also point to other coastal cities that have built underground tunnels (such as Oceanside and San Clemente) and claim that the tunnels create more graffiti and crime. In the late-night hours, they stated at public hearings, tunnels become a shelter for the homeless who often urinate or sleep there.

For $4.5 million, can we at least get a toilet installed so the stench of urine and feces won't be so overpowering as to render the tunnel unusable by the non-homeless?


  1. It reminds me of the "wildlife corridors" that are built in the rural areas to supposedly accomodate the migratory habit patterns of the indigenous animal population. From thousands of acres, suddenly they are supposed to find a tunnel and shuffle thru it like New York commuters - it doesn't work and only suffices to appease some environmental non-impact provision. People will not walk 10 feet out of their way to cross via a tunnel - as mentioned, it will become a toilet and habitat for bums.

  2. Great idea on the public toilet, I would recommend the city put in a few designed after the Portland Loo (google it). Seems to work well for both homeless and non.