Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miracle in Encinitas! The Virgin of the Waves is healed!

Last week, the Surfing Madonna was damaged. A piece of her green cloak was missing, possibly by vandalism but more likely by accident or failure of a bit of glue.

Behold! She is healed!


  1. It is a miricle that it could be put up in broad dayliight and also fixed without the city catching on. All hail the surfing guadalupe and pray for surf!

  2. Congratulations to the Encinitas City Council for finding an equitable solution to the 'Surfing Madonna' mosaic.

    Allowing Cap'n Keno's Jerry Sova, (who has been operating the home-style restaurant since 1970 and feeding the poor and homeless and exhibiting humanity and altruism for over 40 years) to arrange for the 'Surfing Madonnna' mosaic to be moved to the Leucadia location makes the most sense from a public safety standpoint. Folks like to take photos of the mosaic and like to photograph friends and relatives in front of the mosaic and Cap'n Keno's is set back far enough from Hwy 101 to allow folks to take photos without endangering themselves by standing hip deep in oncoming traffic.

    Plus, can anyone deny that this spiritual piece isn't a little bit funky?

    Hat's off to Leucadia 101 for stepping forward to raise the necessary capital to move this magical artwork to a place safe and sound. Let's ALL pitch in!

    Let's watch for news from Leucadia 101 on 'when and where' their fundraiser to move the 'Surfing Madonna' is? or 760 436-2320.

  3. IF it HAS to be moved, then KENO's and Jerry would be good stewards. Thank you Jerry, your overwhelming generosity, in all things, is MONUMENTAL.

  4. Good advertising for Cap'n Keno too..

  5. Make one for the 7-11 - it has higher visibility!