Thursday, May 12, 2011

General plan update: residents really want more Pacific Station-type developments


The Encinitas City Council discussed the results of the citywide workshop on Wednesday night. This presentation came as a result of the March 28 workshop in which residents of Encinitas provided their opinions on housing and policy development for the Comprehensive General Plan Update (CGPU).

Highlights from the presentation included:

Establishing more mixed-use land in Encinitas, which would combine shopping and living units in the same area. Two areas that residents believe could take advantage of mixed-used land are the Encinitas Boulevard and El Camino Real corridors. More focus areas could also be included to give the walkways more character. Planners are hoping this will give the city more pedestrian activity, which could increase tourism.

WTF? I went to the early community forums, and the overwhelming #1 issue was "preserve the existing character of our unique communities." This doesn't make the final report but the public's love of developers' pet projects does?

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Exit question: if the public loves "mixed-use" so much, why aren't they buying the condos at Pacific Station and the Moonlight Lofts? And why aren't the retail and office spaces there filled and thriving?


  1. I feel bad for all those people who attended the meetings and listened to all that Horse Shit.

    They already knew the end product before the first public workshop. It was decided by staff not the public

  2. Tell the public what they want and they will lockstep into formation. Typical propaganda machine convincing the droids that they love concrete and cookie-cutter high density development - while the developers cash out and destroy the community character.

  3. What's cookie-cutter are the swaths of low-density single family detached homes and corporate franchise shopping centers that have been taking over every last hillside and empty lot and replacing the natural flora with non-native high-water plants made possible thanks to the Colorado River, with each resident driving their personal private vehicle with imported oil, polluting the air with fumes and the water with runoff, increasing traffic and noise and decreasing quality of life, making people fat and obnoxious and impatient and ignorant of their own impacts thus giving them a false sense of entitlement to continue what we now know to be more destructive lifestyles simply because they're used to overtaxing our resources.

  4. That's the worst run-on sentence ever written!