Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Logan Jenkins on Encinitas' rich history of unauthorized art

Surfing Madonna and the Stone Steps Mermaid.

There was a time, you see, when Encinitas wasn't ruled by self-important petty tyrants.

In related news, a new pro-removal faction has surfaced.


  1. Stocks has to go...his indelible damage will persist years after he is gone... Bonds is biodegrading, so Nature will take care of him.

  2. Now merchants in the area are claiming an up tick in sales and attribute it to the presence of the Madonna mosaic. This art work is paying for itself and it was free to begin with! Stocks and Bond will actually diminish the merchants' business when they have this art work removed - they are detrimental to commerce! Maybe Stocks can stand at Hwy 101 with a twirly sign advertising the downtown merchants' businesses as a replacement?? Call him the Rotund Buddha!