Monday, May 23, 2011

Logan Jenkins fingers Bryan Snyder as Madonna artist

... and slams Stocks and Bond for their petty, Cartmanesque "Respect my authoritah!" hatred of the mosaic.

Though he said he likes the art — in beachy Encinitas, that’s like saying you love Swami’s — Councilman Jerome Stocks scolded the outlaw artist(s). He/she/(them) put the city “between a rock and a hard place,” he grumbled.

Really? Your city is graced by a glassy bolt out of the blue ocean and you’re bemoaning that you’re forced to act like a grown-up? Not cool.

Mayor Bond struck a similarly ungrateful theme, likening the Surfing Madonna to a St. Bernard puppy gifted to someone who lives in a one-room studio.

The analogy is way off the wall. The wildly popular Surfing Madonna fits its 100-square-foot space in a rail underpass like a seamless dream. To rip out the mosaic would be akin to euthanizing Bond’s oversized puppy, stuffing it, and displaying it at a 7-Eleven.

On Snyder:

In North County, the street-smartest artist is Bryan Snyder, the Carlsbad muralist who famously transformed the Cardiff Kook statue on Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday.

Though a few art locals suspect Snyder may be the perpetrator of the beautiful crime, he says he’s “not taking credit.” Neither is he straight-out denying a role, saying he prefers to preserve the Surfing Madonna’s “mystery” (as well as take out of play, one can imagine, financial and/or criminal liability).

I had hoped and suspected that the artist was a Leucadian. Is it Snyder? His web site is here. He could be the guy.

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  1. A donor offered to pay for plexiglass to protect the mural and Encinitas Glass would have installed it gratis; but Stocks and Bond refused to consider the matter, as it had not been properly ajudicated to the agenda. There were ways to do it by emergency decree, but Fatso and Geezer refuse to acknowledge the public sentiment towards this magnificent piece of art, and consider it an afront to their "authority". It is almost time for a recall against Stocks - his arrogance is unparalled.