Thursday, September 15, 2022

Jeff Morris seems totally normal

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We have no idea what anyone has done that could be considered felony harassment of voters, but we'd love to hear!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

iPalpiti classical music festival leaves town after dispute with city staff

Coast News:
The iPalpiti Festival, an international classical music event, is leaving the city of Encinitas and suspending the popular Music by the Sea event due to alleged mistreatment of program organizers and musicians by the city’s staff and newly-appointed arts administrator.

Director Laura Schmieder informed city leaders the iPalpiti Artists International nonprofit is officially terminating its 10-year run citing a number of grievances in a Sept. 1 letter addressed to Mayor Catherine Blakespear, City Manager Pamela Antil, Arts and Culture Manager Travis Karlen and Encinitas Friends of the Arts.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Blakespear campaign claims she took illegal guns off Encinitas streets

Did we miss something?

Coast News:
Katie Merrill, general consultant for Blakespear’s campaign, said of the poll results, “Blakespear has real accomplishments and real governing experience. From standing up for a woman’s right to choose, to taking illegal guns off of her city’s streets, to supporting small business owners, her record appeals to the kinds of voters who will decide this race.
What illegal guns were taken off Encinitas streets, and what was Blakespear's role in their confiscation?

Monday, August 22, 2022

Morris sought Democratic Party endorsement, promised to give Democrats priority for all city commissions

Locals were amused in July when it was revealed that mayoral candidate Jeff Morris, who has been publicly and vehemently opposed to current mayor Catherine Blakespear for years, had e-mailed Blakespear earlier this year proposing a political alliance.

Having apparently been spurned by Blakespear, Morris now turns to her Democratic Party for support.

From the Inbox:

another installment in the continuing saga of "Who is Jeff Morris?"  He applied for endorsement by the San Diego County Democratic Party - see attached agenda, item #8:

8. Endorsement Recommendations:
a. Encinitas Mayor – Tony Kranz, Jeff Morris

And on his application, among other things, Jeff promises his allegiance to the Democratic party, including the pledge to appoint only Dems to city boards and commissions: 

He also claims he had double the number of voters over the other candidates (who knew the vote happened already?):

This takes the cake: when the time came for Jeff to speak to the board, he was a no show.  When he should have been convincing the Party of his worthiness, he was instead busy on his police scanner saving the city:


In the Party deliberations on the endorsement, Morris was reportedly referred to as "a wacko."