Tuesday, December 29, 2020

People's vote to fill empty council seats

From the Inbox:
Carlsbad residents submitted a petition for an election instead of the Carlsbad council deciding on someone to replace one of the councilmembers.

Encinitas can do the same thing for any replacement on the Encinitas council.

Here is the Carlsbad agenda on the petition.

Click on agenda on the upper left to get the full agenda.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Teachers' union sues to keep schools closed

Encinitas Advocate:

The San Dieguito Union High School District has been sued by its teachers’ union in an effort to block the district’s plans to reopen next month while cases of COVID-19 continue to escalate across the county.

In the court petition filed Friday, Dec. 18, the union says the district’s plan violates state rules because the state forbids schools from reopening if they did not reopen before the county fell into the most restrictive preventive stage, dubbed the purple tier. San Diego County has been in the purple tier since Nov. 10.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Possible murder near Moonlight Beach

Encinitas Advocate:

Sheriff’s homicide investigators were called to the scene of a suspicious death Monday night, Dec. 21, on a street near beachfront homes in Encinitas, a lieutenant said.

Just after 10:30 p.m., two people found an injured person “face down and covered in blood” near Neptune Avenue and Sylvia Street, San Diego sheriff’s Lt. William Amavisca said.

Deputies responded and were investigating the “suspicious incident,” according to Amavisca, who said the sheriff’s homicide unit was called to the scene around 11:45 p.m.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Another injury at Blakespear's bike obstacles


I just found out that on Dec 10th one of the guys in my riding group went down hard riding north just before Chesterfield. Among other injuries he was knocked unconscious but remembers hitting a wheel stop after being pressured by a car merging into the right lane. This is the second guy in my group to have a crash in that area where cars have that short window to get into right turn lane. ... [I will check and see how he feels about sharing his name]. I think he broke his pelvis and possibly shoulder.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Ghetto bird circling Oggi's homeless encampment

Police helicopter right now saying something about a 20-year-old white male adult dark sweatshirt and blue jeans, missing person at risk, if you have information call 9-1-1. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

California population growth stops

LA Times:

California’s population is now growing at its slowest rate in more than a century.

The California Department of Finance, which monitors the state’s population data, found that from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2020, California saw a net gain of only 21,200 new residents — a 0.05% growth rate not seen since 1900. As of July, the state’s population was 39.78 million.

Over that period, Los Angeles County reported a net loss of 40,036 people, more than any other county in the state.

“This is a real sea change in California, which used to be this state of pretty robust population growth,” said Hans Johnson, a demographer at the Public Policy Institute of California. “It hasn’t been for some time now. But it’s now gotten to the point where the state is essentially not growing population-wise at all.”

The data underscore concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic is fueling greater migration out of California, both from people priced out of coastal areas and those who suddenly had the ability to work remotely.

The “California exodus” storyline was bolstered in recent weeks when two tech titans, Elon Musk and Larry Ellison, announced they were moving to Texas and Hawaii, respectively.

But for the average person, California’s high housing costs pose the greatest challenge, particularly when combined with staggering job losses tied to the pandemic.

The state has been seeing slowing growth for several years, driven by a factors that include lower birth rates and people moving away for economic and political reasons.

Unless there's a Covid-19 baby boom, we'd expect that 0.05% growth rate through July to go negative for the rest of this year and next. The exodus seems to be accelerating.

No doubt SANDAG is still wildly overestimating population growth as an excuse to force more high-density development.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

12/16/20 City Council meeting open thread

Please use the comments to record your observations.

And from the Inbox:

On the city consent calendar for CC meeting Dec. 16, 2020 - increases in city staff salaries and 2 new additional city manager related positions. Apparently, the city manager, Pamela Antil, has found that her job is too difficult with only one assistant city manager, Mark Delin. She now wants another new assistant city manager position established to help her. She also wants a reclassification to city deputy manager position approved. How much will this cost the taxpayers? Top tier base salary for Pamela is $250,000, new assistant city manager top tier base salary is $207,172, and reclassified position to city deputy manager position is $199,799. Add approximately 25% of the total for benefits gives a total of $821,465 for 3 city managers. Mark Delin's current salary/benefits (calsalaries) is listed as $241,751. More than a million dollars for 4 city managers if these changes are approved. What happened to one (1) city manager and perhaps one (1) assistant manager (Mark Delin). The current Human Resources manager is also getting a promotion to Director (with salary increase?). Don't expect potholes to be fixed when taxpayers foot the salaries of 4 city managers.

Leucadia turning European

 From the Inbox:

Marco is the legal advisor to this horror. Jackel donated $9,500 to Marco's PAC to keep Blakespear, Kranz, Hinze in office. A less compatible look with Leucadia would be impossible to imagine. It's part of the Housing Element Update forced on us by the council so there is no opposing it.

And incredibly, developer Larry Jackel said the design was based on a European village. He also made individual donations to the incumbents' campaigns in addition to the biggie to pal Marco. 

Marea Village presentation

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Teachers’ union loses control of high school board

 North Coast Current:

A new day is dawning for the San Dieguito Union High School District.

After nearly half a century of combined years of service, longtime SDUHSD trustees Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer retired, making room for fresh faces on the school board.

The two staunch supporters of the district’s teachers union chose not to seek re-election this year and threw their support behind two union-endorsed candidates, only one of whom won.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Cyclist fatality reported on Leucadia Boulevard


Earlier today a truck was making a right turn off of Leucadia Blvd. onto Moonstone Ct., turning into the path of a cyclist in the bike lane. The cyclist was killed in the accident (updated).

I ride on that road often and it is easy to see how this happened. When cars turn right across a bike lane it is safest for everyone (and the law) that the car merge into the bike lane. That act of merging rather than just turning across the lane gives you the time to see any cyclists in the lane and figure out their speed to determine if you should go in front or behind them. Unfortunately, since the bollards on Leucadia Blvd. do not allow for this, the truck had to just make the turn without merging. It would be very easy to miss seeing a cyclist at that turn. When I ride down that hill I am regularly going 35mph, so a turning car would not necessarily have passed me recently to know that I was there. It is a big, wide bike lane, so a cursory glance in your mirror might not be enough to see if someone is there: bikes aren't that big.

I feel bad for the person driving the truck and worse for the cyclist. When the bollards went in several cyclists pointed out this exact problem with them and the city ignored it. Much as they are ignoring so many cyclists telling them how dangerous the cycle trap on 101 between Cardiff and Solana Beach is. They talk a big game about protecting cyclists, but then ignore what actual cyclists tell them. Hopefully this will get them to listen.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Fox Point Farms developer makes concessions to neighbors on condition they silence opposition

From the Inbox:
Attached is the MOU between Grover and residents. Odd that he is making a deal with them and not just resubmitting his plans with the city according to the promises he makes in the MOU. The whole thing appears orchestrated solely to stop any opposition. How much do you want to bet that when the time comes, he'll claim that the city is making him do what he promised he wouldn't?

Is this the new negotiating model in Encinitas, or is this just how you have to deal with those "crazy Leucadians"?

Friday, November 20, 2020

Robo-caller Ken Moser fined $10 million in Mark Muir dirty tricks campaign

 SD Rostra:

The pre-election surprise was the false allegation from Nichole Burgan. Fortunately, the San Diego Sheriff’s Office proved that Burgan was lying prior to Election Day but that didn’t stop Graham’s Republican opponents from trying to undo his advantage; Maureen “Mo” Muir started a whisper campaign, through surrogates, to try to rescind Graham’s endorsement from the Republican Party. Meanwhile, labor unions trafficked direct mail pieces about Burgan’s false claim and ran Facebook ads to discredit Graham. It looked like the Democratic-Labor Complex had successfully executed a hit job on Graham.

This past summer, The Voice of San Diego published an exposé about the FCC investigation into Ken Moser. In that investigation, Moser named Encinitas Council Member Mark Muir, husband of Graham’s Republican opponent Mo Muir, as the source of the the content for the robocall campaign against Graham. I questioned any and all people associated with the Muir campaign, here on San Diego Rostra, about the veracity of Moser’s accusation. Every single person I questioned denied knowledge or involvement with the libelous robo-call scam except Mark Muir.

Mark Muir danced around the question, first claiming that the robo-call campaign was not libelous. Then, Muir rationalized the campaign before thrice avoiding the question about whether Moser was lying about him being the source of the content. Muir knew better than to deny Moser’s claim because Moser provided the media with the email with the audio file, sent from Mark Muir.

Moser is also the guy who files FPPC lawsuits against political activists in Encinitas and elsewhere. Muir is still the reigning pension champion of Encinitas, pulling in $196,114 per year.

Appeal filed against Cardiff Post Office development

 From the Inbox:

With one no vote, the Planning Commission approved the tentative map (consolidating 12 regular lots into 4 irregular lots) and approved the Newcastle project that is significantly higher than existing adjacent buildings.

Despite a survey of 70 respondents near unanimously finding the Newcastle project was "inconsistent with" with numerous provisions of the Cardiff Specific Plan, a majority of Planning Commission members voted to approve the project.

An Appeal Request to the City Council was timely filed.  See attached file stamped copy of the Appeal Request.

Please click on the link to download a PDF file (including the survey results) and video that supports the Appeal Request submitted to the City Clerk.
After the matter is scheduled for a City Council meeting, there will be an opportunity for anyone to submit a written position.   The Appeal Request form states, in part:

Any person who wishes to submit a written position with arguments, documents, exhibits, letters, photos, charts, diagrams, videos, etc., addressing the challenged determination must submit these to the
City Clerk by 5:00 P.M. seven (7) calendar days prior to the hearing date. NO NEW INFORMATION WILL BE CONSIDERED BY THE CITY COUNCIL AFTER THIS DEADLINE. NO OTHER MATERIALS SHALL BE RECEIVED OR CONSIDERED AT THE HEARING. Upon filing with the City Clerk, those items will be available to the public. Any questions, please contact the City Clerk at 633-2601.

Stay safe!

Darren Quinn


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

11/18/20 City Council meeting open thread

 Please use the comments to record your observations.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

In Encinitas parks, festivals are exempt from Covid restrictions and permit requirements as long as they are called “rallies”

Anarchy in the ENC!

From the Inbox:

This is an "E4E" event run by Mali Woods-Drake.  According to the city, calling it a "rally" makes it ok despite Covid prohibitions against holding events, so Mali added the word "rally" to it just yesterday to make it all ok.  The city said No to her last week, but apparently with regulations tighter than ever it's ok now that it's a "rally."

Here is the mayor's response to a resident who wrote to complain:

"Thank you for your concern. There has been a lot of outreach and communication from the city and the Sheriff Department to the organizers of this event regarding the county's public health guidelines and the changes that take effect on Saturday. Ultimately the decision making about the expression of first amendment protected rights is made by those who plan these events, in the same way this occurred for those who organized events in our city and at our beaches in opposition to public health orders.

The City of Encinitas has cancelled its own public events and the city is not issuing permits for any events.

I hope this helps explain the situation. I'm copying the city manager Pam Antil here if you would like to followup further.


Wellness Festival to Highlight BIPOC representation in wellness and collectively heal after Election 2020

About this Event

Like many of you, Encinitas4Equality activists are feeling the anxiety, sadness, pain of the last years division and attacks against our communities of color.

We recognize that the movement for Black lives is just that, a Movement that will persist to resist through months and years to come, and therefor we want to take moments to rest, to collectively come together to heal, and to bring awareness of the importance of a focus on wellness for ALL.

The E4E Inagural Wellness Festival will be led in partnership with Black Lives Yoga & Black Sheep Yoga. Our goal is to raise funds so that we are able bring more accessibility to wellness, yoga, meditation, and more to BIPOC communities and support adults and youth. This will be achieved by sponsoring BIPOC instructors with an interest and wellness and funding free programs led by BIPOC instructors in communities where representation is needed

Come at 745a to enjoy a morning of community healing, peace, respite and stay for the whole day or pop in for one or two classes. We have a little bit of everything for everyone.

Bring your election fatigue and worries, and leave them on the mat for a moment, to enjoy the gifts and beauty of our community

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Cardiff project on Planning Commission tonight

 From the Inbox [sent yesterday, so "tomorrow's" meeting means today's]:

Please urge your CARDIFF RESIDENTS/OWNERS to answer TODAY the short survey regarding the proposed MASSIVE Newcastle Project.  

The website www.StopBigCardiff.com is now live.  

Please click on  www.StopBigCardiff.com and click on the button: 

Please answer the short survey questions TODAY.  I'll submit the survey responses by tomorrow to the Planning Commission for tomorrow's 6 pm follow up hearing via Zoom.

The critical question the Planning Commission must answer is whether the proposed project is "inconsistent with" with any Cardiff Specific Plan provisions.  If the project is "inconsistent with" the Cardiff Specific Plan, then the Planning Commission should deny the project, so it can go back to the drawing board.

When I answered the survey, I answered "inconsistent with" on each survey question because I believe that is true.  You should carefully answer each survey question for yourself.   

Signs about the www.StopBigCardiff.com website and survey are posted on telephone poles on Birmingham and the Manchester alley.   Two signs are posted on the Kook statute railing.  One sign will likely be posted at VG's donuts.

Please tell your neighbors about this website.  If you are on NextDoor (I'm not), please post something on that as well.

I plan to speak again at tomorrow's 6 pm Planning Commission meeting via Zoom.   You can all attend via Zoom and/or sign up to speak via Zoom.  The Planning Commision Agenda with instructions how to attend and/or speak at tomorrow's hearing is accessible on the  www.StopBigCardiff.com on the "Planning Commission" page.

Stay safe!

Darren Quinn

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Incumbents lead in early returns

 San Diego Registrar.

Still a lot of ballots to be counted, and early votes may not be representative.

Blakespear bike obstacles cause another crash

The Cardiff trap snags another victim. Riding north today in the bike lane right before Chesterfield. My friend turned because he thought he heard a car moving over to the right and boom, hit a wheel stop and went down. Fortunately no serious injury or damage to his bike. Such a shame and unnecessary that the city created this mess.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Political violence comes to Encinitas

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar on Facebook:

I am saddened to report that today a member of our community narrowly avoided a severe injury during an appalling display of campaign incivility. This morning my 10 year old daughter eagerly joined me to sign wave for a candidate I wholeheartedly support for Encinitas Mayor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before we were both verbally accosted by a gentleman on a bicycle who does not support my candidacy or choice for mayor. This man continued through the intersection while pretending to shoot other supporters with his hand as he sped through. An hour later he returned to the scene on the wrong side of the road, traveling at a fast speed on his ebike, and hurled the shrapnel of a torn up Gaspar for Supervisor sign at sign wavers. Pieces of the thick wooden stake struck an unsuspecting 70-year old woman in the face. Only two days ago, I stood with a bipartisan coalition of elected officials, faith organizations, and the People’s Alliance for Justice to call for civility in our San Diego election. All people should feel safe supporting the candidates and measures of their choosing. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and we must denounce acts of incivility. Please join me in taking the pledge for civility and in doing so, also setting positive examples for our young people: https://www.peoplesallianceforjustice.net/pledgecivility
Witnesses report that the attacker is a well-known, long-time volunteer for Catherine Blakespear's campaigns. The victim is reportedly pressing charges.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Catherine Blakespear: Make Encinitas Great Again!

Encinitas Guerrilla (satire):
I’ve been here for 100 years. No, wait, I’m delusional. My family has been here 100 years.

I’m the developers’ pal. I want to Make Encinitas Great Again, Again. You must re-elect me as your mayor so I can do that.

We can help solve the climate crisis by building more and denser housing in Encinitas. It’s common sense. More people packed together more tightly will release fewer GHG emissions. It’s the same as more cattle on less acreage burping and farting less methane.

My hands are tied when the city is up against state law. But it’s not a B&D thing. State law prevails over local ordinances, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I know better than you. That’s why I don’t listen to residents and can do whatever I want. I’m sure you know that whenever the council faces an important decision, we don’t wait for the meeting. We decide ahead of time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10/28/20 City Council meeting open thread

 Please use the comments to record your observations.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Marco Gonzalez's fair-weather friendship makes for hilarious political ad

Marco Gonzalez, who heckles Julie Thunder for having formerly been a Republican and now being an independent, has some shifting allegiances of his own.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Republican registration drops 6 percent in Encinitas

From the Secretary of State’s web site:

DemocraticRepublicanMinor PartiesNo Party Preference
September 202043.11%25.95%5.83%25.10%
March 201636.46%31.96%5.64%25.95%

San Diego County data here.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Is the Strong Towns grid really an appropriate model for a Leucadia 101 lane reduction?

The city council incumbents seem to be relying on this “stroad” concept to justify the removal of traffic lanes from Leucadia 101.

Strong Towns:

But when a road diet—removing lanes and shrinking the stroad to the more appropriate dimensions and design of an urban street—is proposed, the same objection universally arises from concerned citizens:

“What will happen to all the traffic?”

In fact, the answer reveals a fundamental paradox of traffic flow: removing the highest-capacity leg in a network may actually make the network as a whole function better, with less congestion and smoother travel.


Are Neptune and Vulcan really equipped to handle all the traffic from a constricted 101?

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Turney responds to Michael Verdu hit piece

Lies are what you resort to when you can't or won't discuss the issues. It's where you go when you're on the wrong side of too many issues.

I want to set the record straight on these lies:

' (click to enlarge)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Tasha vs. Prop 13

 From the Inbox:

Regular voters, unaffiliated to any campaign or party, we have been researching Proposition 19 to understand its impacts to us and other families. We realized that:

• Prop 19 has multiple unrelated parts, most of which are not mentioned in ballot summary and ballot that are incomplete and misleading as to key provisions of the underlying legislation (ACA 11);

• Is backed by $41M misinformation campaign financed by special interest groups.

In our research, we discovered Tasha Boerner Horvath (along with many CA Democrats) are guilty of the same unacceptable anti-democratic conduct we’re seeing nationally.
More at the link.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Facebook gazillionaires Michael and Paula Verdu’s PAC attacks council challengers

In a recurring theme of the council incumbents being unable to defend their records and instead smearing challengers, Blakespear buddy and Facebook gazillionaire Michael Verdu is sending out hit pieces against Julie Thunder:

A 2018 Coast News article identified Michael and Paula Verdu as being the dark money behind "North County Action Network."

Well, if it’s not enough to have tens of thousands of dollars of developer money on your side, why not bring in some serious Silicon Valley big money!

UPDATE: Blowback!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

10/14/20 City Council meeting open thread

 Please use the comments to record your observations.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Prop 19 would roll back Prop 13 protections for inherited properties

From the Inbox from an Olivenhain homeowner:

Prop 19, with 18.5 M of realtor funding, has no paid opposition and voters don't know the facts.  Marketed as benefitting seniors and wildfire fighting and only taxing the rich, Proposition 19 will increase property taxes for every home/property-owning family in California.  It will eliminate protections granted by prior constitutional amendments (Propositions 13, 58 and 193) that allowed the transfer of a limited amount and value of property between parents/grandparents and children/grandchildren.  It will push average Californians out of their homes and family properties. 

Proposition 19:

·         Will require reassessment at the date of death of all California real estate transferred to or from parents/grandparents;

·         Parent/child exclusion requirements are so restrictive that few families will qualify, even when children/grandchildren live in family homes or intend to;

·         Amount of tax increase is unknown until a retroactive reassessment bill comes from the assessor!

·         Firefighting funds have few standards, little oversight and no end date, a recipe for government waste and misspending.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Dark money pro-Blakespear Facebook site making friends and influencing people

Encinitas Votes has long been the primary Facebook site related to Encinitas politics. Launched by longtime resident Dr. Lorri Greene and moderated by Greene and other volunteers, it’s a spirited board where all sides can be heard.

This election cycle, a new Facebook site called Encinitas Now has popped up. It’s unclear who is behind the site, but it appears to be paying Facebook to buy prominent placement. And it’s not a spirited board where all sides can be heard. The site is decidedly in support of Mayor Blakespear and her merry band of incumbents, and people with opposing views claim to be regularly censored for violating dubious rules.


In news we’re sure is totally unrelated, developer attorney Marco Gonzalez recently started a PAC to collect developer money to support the council incumbents.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

9/23/20 City Council meeting open thread

Please use the comments to record your observations.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

9/16/20 City Council meeting open thread

Please use the comments to record your observations.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Pedestrian killed on Cardiff 101

 NBC 7:

A woman in her 50s died in Encinitas Saturday night after being struck by a car near S. Coast Highway 101.

The incident was reported at around 8 p.m. when the woman was struck by a vehicle traveling northbound on the 2600 block of S. Coast Highway 101, San Diego County Sheriff's said.

The driver of the vehicle involved stopped immediately and rendered medical aid to the woman along with bystanders. The woman was later transported to a local hospital where she later died, SDSO said.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

9/9/20 City Council meeting open thread

 Please use the comments to record your observations.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

First lawsuit over Blakespear's bike hazards

There will be more. But I don't think Blakespear will back down until she kills somebody.

Encinitas Votes:

Friday, September 4, 2020

Council to hire new city manager from Santa Barbara

 Encinitas Advocate:

The Encinitas City Council will consider [sic] appointing Pamela W. Antil as its next city manager at its Sept. 9 city council meeting, according to a city news release. Antil became the top candidate after a nationwide search to replace Encinitas’ previous city manager, Karen Brust, who retired in June after nearly five years with the city. If the item is approved, Antil would begin on Oct. 12, 2020.

Antil has more than 25 years of experience directly managing and advising local government agencies across the country including small and large cities such as San Jose, Calif., Ann Arbor, Mich., and Palo Alto, Calif. Since 2015, she has been serving as the assistant city administrator for the city of Santa Barbara, Calif.

“We’re really excited to have Pam join our team,” said Mayor Catherine Blakespear. “Her experience in the city managers’ offices in Santa Barbara and Palo Alto, as well as other cities, gives her a depth of knowledge that will be invaluable here in Encinitas.”

UPDATE: San Jose Inside:
Dysfunction at City Hall: How the City Manager Office Broke Down

Remember how Encinitas ran Gus Vina out of town after the backroom giveaway of the Little League field and the taxable bond fiasco? Those rubes in Brentwood didn't have a clue.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Family of bluff collapse victims sues city, state, HOA

 LA Times:

The family of three women killed when a bluff collapsed at an Encinitas beach last year filed a wrongful death lawsuit Wednesday naming the city, the state and entities tied to the condo complex land overlooking the state beach where the sandstone slid.

The suit alleges negligence and dangerous conditions at the property where the Aug. 2, 2019 collapse happened, along a stretch of bluff at Grandview Beach, at the bottom of a steep set of stairs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Developer attorney Marco Gonzalez forms PAC to support council incumbents

Form 410 filing here.

"Provide brief description of activity: Support/Oppose Encinitas Candidates"

Gonzalez is a well-known friend and supporter of mayor Catherine Blakespear and her council allies.

PACs aren't subject to Encinitas' $250 campaign contribution limit, so can raise and spend unlimited amounts on political ads.

Wanna bet this PAC gets lots of sweet sweet developer money and runs some really nasty negative ads against the challengers? 

Friday, August 28, 2020

School enrollment drops as families are dissatisfied with online education

Coast News:

Early data from two school districts show enrollment dropped as distance learning began, with some families opting instead for homeschooling and other education alternatives.

San Marcos Unified and Encinitas Union Elementary School Districts started the 2020-21 year with slumps in enrollment, compared to the same day last year. Previously, both relatively consistent enrollment since 2015, according to Ed-Data.

Disenrollment appears more common among younger students, as Encinitas Union’s 11% drop illustrates. This decrease stems directly from COVID-19, Assistant Superintendent Joe Dougherty said.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Fire Marshal terminated after sharing Streetscape concerns

And she's suing.

Coast News letters:
Recent events in social justice demonstrate that the powerful shall eventually be held to task. Ghislaine Maxwell, Harvey Weinstein, even Ellen DeGeneres’ show what we discover when we listen to victims.

The mayor of Encinitas, Catherine Blakespear, should be held to the same standards of scrutinization.

A lawsuit filed against City of Encinitas alleges that Fire Marshal Anita Pupping was dismissed in September 2019 because she stood by concerns that “Streetscape” — the $50 million debt-driven plan to turn Highway 101 through Leucadia into a pedestrian zone — threatens public safety to the community that surrounds it.

Here's the lawsuit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

City includes "van lifers" in homeless count

 Julie Graboi at Encinitas Votes:

I attended the August 17 Homeless Action Plan and had wanted to share some observations and concerns during Oral Communications at tonight's City Council Meeting. However, starting tonight, a new policy requires speakers to register by 2:00 and send their oral comments into the city by 3:00. Therefore, I will be sharing some concerns here instead. After LeSar principal consultant Nui Bezairewas asked if "van lifers" were counted as homeless, she would not answer this simple yes/no question. I emailed this question to Encinitas Planner Jennifer Gates and spoke with her a few minutes ago. She gave a similarly evasive answer that "it is defined by policy." After pressing her, the answer is that YES. Why should people who are making this life style choice and often have expensive vans that they consider their homes they be counted as homeless? Not only do they consider their vans their homes, but they have no intention of moving into the housing that the city is proposing that Encinitas provides for them!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Jody Hubbard blames cyclists for cycle trap disaster

... because she and Blakespear know better than everybody else, of course.

 Encinitas Votes:

You can continue your rant against the mayor, and against me. And maybe your negativity will successfully get us off the city council. Is that what you really want? To destroy the most pro- biking city council in all of north county over one mile of cycle track?

You have a choice. To help encourage those that belong in the cycle track to use it or continue to scare everyone away. It breaks my heart when I see 1 or 2 cyclists take the sharrow lane early in the morning when the cycle track is empty and clearly a better choice.

I am asking all of you to reconsider your position and treat the cycle track for what it is. A conflict area that may require you to go a little slower and be a little more accommodating for 5 minutes of your ride. An area where we have limited space and we all have a right to be there.
I'm sure you can imagine how well received this was in the comments.

Friday, August 14, 2020

City Council unanimously supports allowing developers to build projects with inadequate parking

... because turning Encinitas into Mission Beach will be good for global warming or something.

Council candidate Susan Turney on Encinitas Votes:

Council voted last night 5-0 to approve support of AB 3153, a bill that cedes more local control to the state. Ironic coming from a council that likes to complain how their "hands are tied" by Sacramento dictates, the bill further reduces density bonus onsite parking requirements to accommodate bicycle parking.


What's a more rational prediction of behavior when inadequate parking is provided? That tenants and guests will sell their cars and decide to ride bicycles, or that overflow parking will spill out into surrounding neighborhoods? This isn't rocket science. 




Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Guerrilla satire

 Encinitas Guerrilla:

Given the popularity of her Oct. 15, 2019 speech titled “Increasing Suburban Density to Fight Climate Change,” Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear has announced a series of Zoom speeches she will give toward the end of her reelection campaign this year.


The titles of the speeches are —

“Marketing Perforated Condoms to Fight Population Growth”

“Wearing Lace Face Masks to Fight COVID-19”

“Eating Cheeseburgers and Fries to Fight Obesity”

“Selling Aphrodisiacs to Fight Promiscuity”

“Building Cycle Traps to Fight Using Cars”

Monday, August 10, 2020

Developer attorney and friend of the mayor Marco Gonzalez blasts council candidate

Encinitas Votes:
City Council [sic] Susan Turney and her alter ego, Preserve Prop A [sic] should be ashamed of themselves.

While not unpredictable, their behavior has been despicable.
It's true that Blakespear sued Encinitas residents to take away their right to vote, and then changed the named defendant on the lawsuit when she realized that wasn't a good look. 

It's also true that Prop A people want to be able to defend their right to vote in this court case.

I don't think this is quite the "gotcha" moment Marco thinks it is.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Monday, August 3, 2020

Blakespear continues unrepentantly maiming cyclists

Encinitas Votes:
Busy day on the Blakespear Cycle Trap.... A serious accident. With one transported to the hospital. Running count I believe is 19.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Encinitas' state representatives have a mixed record on high-density mandates

From the comments on Livable California's "Nine Bad Bills":
What is Assembly women Tasha's and Lorena Gonzales positions on these bills? Shouldn't we know now before we vote?
Encinitas' representatives are Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner-Horvath and Sentor Pat Bates. Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher is not in our district but is the sister of Encinitas developer attorney, and good friend of Mayor Blakespear, Marco Gonzalez.

From Legiscan, here is how the three voted on the nine bills:

Monday, July 27, 2020

State legislature working on more high-density laws to take away local zoning

Livable California:
The 9 Bad Bills Were Approved by the Senate and Assembly. We Can Kill the Bills in July/August!

Each bad bill will be heard by just ONE committee in the “second house” before going to its “floor” for a vote in Aug. The legislature is doing a rush-job, but we can stop these awful laws.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Turney campaigns on transparency, sunshine ordinance

Susan Turney is running for the District 2 seat (parts of Leucadia and Old and New Encinitas).

The first of what looks like a series of platform papers:
Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant (pdf)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Comet Neowise viewing tonight

LA Times:
Comet NEOWISE will come closest to Earth after sunset tonight, passing at a safe distance of 64 million miles. By the end of July, it will fade as it moves away from the sun and Earth, heading back to remote parts of the solar system.

Here are some tips to help you find it in the night sky before it vanishes.

Comet NEOWISE is so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a perfect view. Looking up from a dark place away from city lights about 90 minutes after sunset, “it looks like a fuzzy star with a little bit of a tail,” according to Space.com. Add a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, and the comet and its tail will be easier to spot.
Sounds like it's in the northwestern sky after sunset, but it's been cloudy at the coast the last few evenings. So you probably want to head inland a little bit.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Mark Muir issues non-denial

SD Rostra:

Former Councilman Mark Muir –
FIRST RESPONSE: Did not directly admit nor deny involvement — offered newspaper articles and union mailers as “his” source of information. Answer to a direct question about his involvement is pending.

SECOND RESPONSE: Muir argues that the source data used doesn’t constitute libel but would not answer direct question about his involvement nor about the veracity of Moser’s claim. Question re-asked. Answer to a direct question about his involvement is pending.
Muir probably didn’t do anything illegal, but it’s extremely sleazy. He apparently stayed under financial reporting limits to stay anonymous in hiring a known dirtbag to send out anonymous robocalls pushing dubious allegations against Phil Graham. And he didn’t stop the robocalls after those allegations had been officially discredited.

But this should make the Muirs persona non grata with the San Diego Republican Party, as they sabotaged the party-endorsed candidate and flip a Republican seat to the Democrats.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Telemarketer says Mark Muir was behind dirty tricks robocalls

Wow! This should be the nail in the coffin of the Muirs' political careers.

If you do shady business with dirtbags, they just might rat you out to save themselves.

Voice of San Diego:
A San Diego man who’s facing a nearly $10 million fine for spoofing political robocalls defended himself Friday by identifying some of the people who he says hired him.

Kenneth Moser, a local marketing professional, told the Federal Communications Commission that he was working with relatives of Maureen Muir to help her bid for the 76th Assembly District race in 2018 against a fellow Republican, Phil Graham.

Two weeks before the primary, a woman accused Graham of battery. Despite the fact Graham was cleared of wrongdoing, Moser amplified the allegation by referencing it in a voice message to thousands of potential voters and by disguising the true source of the calls.


In the exhibits, Moser attached a short email in which Mark Muir wrote: “Under $800 … To Republicans.” The former elected official couldn’t be reached for comment.

Moser said his client wanted to remain anonymous, so they tried to take advantage of a loophole — as far as they saw it — in state law that doesn’t require the disclosure of independent expenditures under $1,000.
Moser has a long and sordid history in San Diego politics, and is known in Encinitas for profiting off of lawsuits over campaign filing errors.

Maureen Muir lost the Assembly election, but is still on the SDUHSD school board.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Simultaneous crashes on Cardiff 101 this evening

This first crash looks like a standard not-paying-attention rear-ender. Not visible in this picture is the white sedan this car rear-ended northbound near the Las Olas stop light.

This one is more of a mystery though. This is southbound near where the parking ends and the Blakespear bike obstacles suddenly jog left toward traffic. This car took some serious damage to its left rear, possibly sideswiped trying to avoid the obstacles.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hyatt announces luxury resort branding for Leucadia beach hotel

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today plans for the first new-build Alila resort in the Americas, located in Encinitas, Calif., a quintessential beach town in San Diego’s North County Coastal region. Developed by JMI Realty and Fenway Capital Advisors, Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas will add to Hyatt’s growing Alila brand portfolio, joining Ventana Big Sur, an Alila Resort, as the brand’s second hotel in California and the U.S., along with 14 other luxury properties worldwide. The Alila brand features luxury hotels and resorts in unique locations, distinguished by innovative eco-design, a strong commitment to sustainable tourism as well as rare and intimate destination experiences.

Situated along coastal bluffs and overlooking Grandview and South Ponto Beaches, Alila Marea Beach Resort Encinitas will be a luxury oceanfront hotel with 130 guestrooms, including 16 suites. Expected to open in early 2021, the resort will offer an ocean-view restaurant with rooftop patio, a pool with pool bar and an infinity-edge hot tub, a luxury Spa Alila and spectacular wedding and events venues, all with panoramic Pacific Ocean and lagoon views.
Keep Leucadia Ritzy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Virtual-only public meeting on Olivenhain Towers mega-project

Encinitas Votes:
The developer of the Goodson project in Olivenhain has announced a virtual CPP meeting on July 23, 2019. The project intends to pack 283 for-lease apartments in 6.95 gross acres to create the tallest building in Encinitas.

Olivenhain Towers public notice
We still have no idea if this is only the developer's opening gambit and he hopes a scaled-back version will placate the neighbors, or if he really wants to build this monstrosity now that Mayor Blakespear and friends have demolished the Prop A height limits.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Locals Only!

There's a bright side to closing the beach parking lots.

From the Inbox:

From: City of Encinitas
Date: July 1, 2020
Subject: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: How to Safely Celebrate this 4th of July

How to Safely Celebrate this 4th of July 
State Beach Parking Lots Closing for 4th of July Weekend
To reduce the density at California State Beaches, the State of California has closed all State beach parking lots in Southern California for the 4th of July weekend beginning Friday, July 3 through Sunday, July 5. For Encinitas, this includes the San Elijo State Beach north day use lot, the Cardiff Seaside Beach, and Cardiff Reef parking lots. For more information, visit the California State Parks’ Fourth of July Weekend Safety Measures page.
Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, and Wineries
Per the San Diego County Health Order, starting July 1, restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries must close nightly by 10 PM. Bars, wineries, and breweries without a food license, will be closed until further notice unless an arrangement with a neighboring food serving establishment has been made. Food can only be served to customers seated at a table and alcohol can only be consumed by customers ordering food.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Taxpayer-funded Leucadia 101 promotes Kellie Hinze re-election campaign

We have long noted the unseemly relationship between Encinitas’ private merchant associations and the city council politicians who vote to give them public funds.

They’re at it again. Leucadia 101, which still, as far as we know, receives public funds at the discretion of the city council, promoted the campaign of one of its benefactors at a charity event.

From the Inbox:
Kellie Hinze's call out and embedded link to her campaign website at the site below are illegal per the FPPC.

The link goes to Hinze’s campaign web site.

Were opposing candidates invited to participate?

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dine Out!

From the Inbox:
   News Release
Media Contact:          Pat Piatt, Public Information Officer

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
For Immediate Release
City of Encinitas
New Street-side Dining and Outdoor Retail Coming to Downtown Encinitas!
Come join us as we partake in the new fresh air restaurant seating and retail display space on South Coast Highway 101.   The Encinitas City Council has authorized converting one traffic lane in each direction to restaurant seating and retail display space to allow restaurants and stores to provide safe dining and shopping experiences for their patrons as they comply with COVID-19 requirements. The City's new Downtown Shared Streets Program will initially be located between D and E streets and may possibly be expanded to additional blocks in the future. The City worked closely with the Encinitas 101 Mainstreet Association to develop a plan to reduce traffic to one lane in each direction, and to create an expanded seven-foot outdoor dining and retail space on each side of the street. New wheel stops will be placed in each parking space to create the new dining and retail area. Barricades and large boxed trees will be placed at intervals to further delineate the dining and retail area and help create a sense of place. Installation of the temporary improvements will be completed between June 29 and July 3 and is planned to remain in place until physical distancing is no longer necessary.
The project is partially funded by a grant from SANDAG.


Monday, June 22, 2020

Surfer's Point timeshare project rejected

Encinitas Advocate:
The Encinitas Planning Commission took the unusual step Thursday, June 18, of denying a permit modification request for the controversial Surfer’s Point hotel timeshare project on the grounds that the original permit had long since expired.

Without the approval of the permit modification, the 25-unit timeshare project can’t satisfy state Coastal Commission requirements and thus can’t move forward.

Dumping this design and drafting something completely new would be a wonderful idea, commissioners said. The current plans are “very dated and poorly thought-out,” said Commissioner Kevin Doyle, who suggested the expired permit option as a reason to reject the permit modification request.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Bad state housing legislation is back!

You may have thought a global pandemic would make politicians think twice about the merits of pushing high-density living.

You’d be wrong!

From the Inbox:

If you have a minute … these are the worst of the worst housing bills aimed at taking all local control away.  Click through and send opposition emails (and one support) using the attached links.  Senator Weiner is trying to push through his group of bills during the abbreviated Covid-19 session.

Pass it on.


OPPOSE the Worst Bills of 2020 and Back 1 Good Bill! Instantly Act Below on These Bills!

SB 50 is Hiding Inside 9 bad bills: Stop SB 1120, SB 902, SB 1085, SB 995 AND AB 725, AB 1279, AB 2345, AB 3040, AB 3107! "YES" to SB 1299!

Sacramento is trying to revive the hated SB 50 via 9 Bad Bills. Without your intervention, by contacting your own senator and your own assemblymember, many of the 9 Bad Bills may be approved by the senate or assembly in the coming days.
The divisive and now-dead SB 50, by Bay Area state Sen. Scott Wiener, would have banned single-family zoning, allowed10-unit luxury apartments on ANY residential block, and allowed apartments several stories high in low-density communities.
The 9 Bad Bills of 2020 do this —  by piecemealing. You are the key to stopping the 9 Bad Bills. Send a letter (click on highlighted areas below) TODAY, and set a time NOW TO TALK TO OR MEET your state senator or assembly member OR their district staff via Zoom or phone. If you ask, they will LIKELY agree.
You won't see these 9 Bad Bills in the news. Understandably, almost ALL media are covering protests, calls for reform and the Covid-19 pandemic. Several of the bills SEVERELY CUT the legislature's commitment to affordable housing, favoring luxury housing. This is wrong. The bills ban single-family zoning statewide. Allow 9-story buildings next to your homes. Target brown and black homeowner areas with gentrification and upheaval. Take an aspirin, and read on:
SB 1120 (by Scott Wiener and Toni Atkins)
Crushes single-family zoning in California, a threat to 8 million homeowners at all income levels. State Sen. Scott Wiener has called yards and single-family homes "immoral." SB 1120 allows 4 market-rate homes where a single home now stands (theoretically it allows 8 units, if cities have local "granny flat" laws). Requires NO affordable units. Clearly opens California to speculation frenzy.
CLICK HERE to Oppose

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

6/17/20 City Council meeting open thread

Please use the comments to record your observations.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Interactive map of city council's upzone development sites

This map was put together by Susan Turney, a candidate for city council.

Measure U citywide impact.

Measure U was the high-density development plan rejected by voters but then imposed on the city by the city council anyway in the face of state pressure to add housing.

In this Coast News op-ed, Turney points out that the numbers given to the public are quite different than the numbers given to developers.