Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Prop 19 would roll back Prop 13 protections for inherited properties

From the Inbox from an Olivenhain homeowner:

Prop 19, with 18.5 M of realtor funding, has no paid opposition and voters don't know the facts.  Marketed as benefitting seniors and wildfire fighting and only taxing the rich, Proposition 19 will increase property taxes for every home/property-owning family in California.  It will eliminate protections granted by prior constitutional amendments (Propositions 13, 58 and 193) that allowed the transfer of a limited amount and value of property between parents/grandparents and children/grandchildren.  It will push average Californians out of their homes and family properties. 

Proposition 19:

·         Will require reassessment at the date of death of all California real estate transferred to or from parents/grandparents;

·         Parent/child exclusion requirements are so restrictive that few families will qualify, even when children/grandchildren live in family homes or intend to;

·         Amount of tax increase is unknown until a retroactive reassessment bill comes from the assessor!

·         Firefighting funds have few standards, little oversight and no end date, a recipe for government waste and misspending.

Average Californians will be harmed by Proposition 19:

1.       Proposition 19 will increase taxes on every California property owning family, to unknown levels, from date of death

Voters need to know their tax bills go up the day Mom dies!

  California law has a "general principle that transfers by reason of death occur at the time of death."  (See CA Rev. & Tax. Code § 63.1(g)).  Proposition 19 ensures that all transfers between parents and children that do not qualify for an exclusion (described below) will be reassessed to current market value at the date of death.  Family members will receive a retroactive tax bill for property taxes incurred when the family is grieving and settling an estate, or trying to sell real estate, which can take years.  Will families have funds to pay?

2.       Proposition 19 Designed so Few Families Qualify for Exclusion from Reassessment with Multiple Exceptions requiring Reassessment

Exclusion Limited to Principal Residence of Parent/Grandparent.  All other real properties are reassessed at current market value at date of death/purchase/transfer.

Beneficiary of Exclusion Required to Live in Principal Residence at Death/Purchase/Transfer or Within 1 Year. Failing to do so would result in a reassessment of principal residence at current market value, even if parents or siblings live in home.

Owner-Occupier Declaration Filing Required Within 1 year of Death.  The Proposition 19 exclusion requires a child (or qualifying grandchild) to file a homeowner's exemption (an owner-occupier declaration) within one year of purchase/transfer/death.  How many estates will be able to meet this requirement?  From 2016-18, per California Court Statistics, up to 41% of CA probate cases are still pending after a year, and no one files the day Dad dies! 

Value Limitations.  Even when all other exclusion requirements are met, the parent/grandparent's principal residence is still reassessed to current market value.  Any amount over $1 M plus the established Proposition 13 basis will be subject to additional taxes. 

Land Under Principal Residence May Require Reassessment.  Even assuming qualification for the parent/

child exclusion, an exclusion for the "principal residence" doesn't necessarily apply to the entire property containing the principal residence, and some of the land may need to be reassessed.  (That is one reason the old rule, allowing a limited value of other property to be transferred without reassessment, makes sense.)  Again, another tax families can't predict, with standards that change over time!

Everyone who inherits, purchases or transfers a family property will be subject to tremendous uncertainty:  What is the new tax bill?  Will my family qualify for the exclusion?  To what extent?  Will we be able to meet deadlines?  Will the estate have enough money to pay unknown property tax bills?

None of these requirements burden the wealthy!  Proposition 19 was drafted to maximize taxes on average Californians, intending to drive them from family homes and properties, so realtors get more sales/commissions.

Please join me in getting active and communicating the real story to news sources, opinion makers/influencers, friends and family, neighborhood and network. Every voter and property owner needs to understand Proposition 19. It will take all of us to defeat nearly $18.5 Million in deceptive advertising, because no one is funding an opposition but we can do it.

Here's some additional background, analysis and links to further resources:


·         Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Fliers Opposing Propositions 15 and 19





  1. I thought it was reassessed currently when the parents die and give the property to the kids. Am I missing something?

    1. Under current law, parents can pass their primary residence to their offspring without triggering a reassessment, because it's not a traditional sale. The heirs get the tax break whether they live in or rent the home.

      Under Proposition 19, heirs must use the home as their primary residence within a year or the property will be reassessed at market value. Proposition 19 also would eliminate the property tax break on all other inherited property, except for farms.

    2. Yes! Hoping this will disincentivize the rentier class and put the kibosh on the absentee landlords, VRBO/AB&B grifters, and other financial thugs that are destroying communities and making home ownership impossible for young families.

      As for those of you wailing about Realtors' conflict of interest here, Boo F*cking Hoo, you'll finally have to share the sandbox.

    3. 9:25- When you are taxed out of your home remember you voted to increase everyone's taxes, but it still won't be enough.

    4. 2:08 I will not be taxed out of my home because I bought within my means.

    5. 9:25, it's hard for me to imagine a stupider reply than yours. At 10:01, you nearly topped it. Congratulations. Help everyone here and empty your bank account. Write a check to Gavin Newsom who, as a millionaire, will still gladly take the money of a useful idiot.

      If you have a problem with short term rentals, address short term rentals. To turn upside down the only piece of legislation that enables 90% of people in California to continue living in California, namely Prop 13, is the act of a fucking moron. You stating that you bought within your means, and therefore you're good, just reveals how little you understand. One mishap, one circumstance where you are outside your means and you'll be writing on the EU blog from your double-wide mobile home in North Dakota.

      If the state wants money for wildfire protection, in a state of strapped citizens unable to sustain wither additional taxes, then the state should buy what it needs, exclude other expenditures, and operate "within its means." If a dumbass like you can understand that, a sophisticated state should understand it too.

    6. 3:07

      90% of Californians will have to leave the state if Prop 13 is modified. Do you really expect people to take you seriously when you make up shit like that?

      If you can't afford to pay your taxes here, move 15 miles inland or grab a double-wide in one of those 55+ trailer parks.

      There are far more people who can't live in CA because they have kids to educate and Prop 13 has gutted school funding. A university system that was once a model for excellence and affordability is now decaying and out of reach to many because selfish whiners like you want to have and eat your cakes while watching the sunset over Beacon Beach.

      As to my means, they are carefully calibrated to include the costs of home/health/disability/auto/liability insurance, home maintenance, and most other major risks. It means fewer vacations and buying used cars, but I sleep well. Sounds like you're simply irresponsible and unwilling to adjust to changing conditions. Tough shit trust-funder.

      Fiscal conservatism doesn't mean making other people pay for your fetishes and extravagances. It can be uncomfortable, but actual adults do it every day.

      Quit whining or move.

    7. 10:52 Nice try, but you're still stupid. I don't disagree with your rant about fiscal conservatism -- it's the only thing noted in your "reply" that made any sense. Gosh, I almost felt a tinge of respect for you (or was it pity?). But, if you really meant it, it only argued against your point. So much for your ability to string together a cohesive thought.

      Whenever someone in California brings up the poor underfunded schools, it immediately indicates an intellectual deficiency. Every electoral cycle there are measures on the ballot that benefit schools. The lottery and marijuana legalization were supposed to print money for school systems. Yet where has that money gone? Tools like you don't wonder about the money, and you don't think to investigate the voracious institutional recipients of the largesse, you simply want to throw more money at corrupted, broken institutions. Mike Levin weeps about our poor school systems unable to keep up, and you're the dangerous, useful idiot who prints some platitude on a tee shirt and champions the cause. Impressionable, uncritical and idealistic -- alone they can be fine qualities. In you, together, they are what's wrong with society.

      If you tripped over your ugly poodle (and yes, I believe you have one, and yes, the odds of a blind dipshit like you tripping over it are reasonably high), broke your pelvis and found yourself unable to work for six months, my comment above still stands. All your admirable planning and living within your means would amount to nothing when you get behind, lose your house and find yourself writing your moronic tripe from your double wide in North Dakota, promising yourself that your frugal ways will get you back in the California game. You go, champ. California is increasingly a hostile home market, with waves of appreciation that leave stale farts like you behind like a spent match. I don't begrudge market forces that drive home prices in sunshine states higher, but I do violently oppose our incompetent elected officials in Sacramento seeking to bail out their fiscal mismanagement under the premise that schools are underfunded or that entrenched citizen protection propositions are anachronistic.

      And to have a pseudo-conservative pile of shit like you call me a "trust-funder." I'm impressed you were even that creative. Pro-tip: when you're in over your head, and adults have joined the conversation, just shut the hell up.

    8. Very adult, that first sentence.

      Go hide in your precious castle, Princess. We've had enough of your self-serving, self-fulfilling prophecies.

    9. "but I do violently oppose our incompetent elected officials in Sacramento"

      Real super-geniuses know the difference between "vehement" and "violent."

      You might also want to look up the difference between "Felon" and "Moron."

      CA Penal Code § 76 (2017)
      (a) Every person who knowingly and willingly threatens the life of, or threatens serious bodily harm to, any elected public official, county public defender, county clerk, exempt appointee of the Governor, judge, or Deputy Commissioner of the Board of Prison Terms, or the staff, immediate family, or immediate family of the staff of any elected public official, county public defender, county clerk, exempt appointee of the Governor, judge, or Deputy Commissioner of the Board of Prison Terms, with the specific intent that the statement is to be taken as a threat, and the apparent ability to carry out that threat by any means, is guilty of a public offense, punishable as follows:

      (1) Upon a first conviction, the offense is punishable by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000), or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

    10. 8:45 and 8:58 ... The same "I live within my means" virtue signaling MORON (I didn't need to look it up) really stewed those 13 minutes between inane posts. You couldn't reply with anything factual, so you resorted to the dreaded grammatical shaming. And you were wrong ... again.

      The Cambridge Dictionary defines "violently" as an adverb in the following way:
      strongly or extremely:
      She violently disagreed with what we said.

      And that cut and paste desperation in post #2 put me to sleep. Which is what you should be doing, skippy. Please, reply again. I haven't laughed this hard in ages.

  2. Here is the America hating left again. More taxes and more taxes, and for people that don't want to work, NO TAXES.
    Everything the left does, they destroy. But, the fools continue to vote for them. Just one viewing of the foaming at the corners of the mouth gavin newsom tells the entire story.
    Like children in adult bodies, with A.D.D. The enemy within.

    1. The real "America Haters" are selfish dolts who value transactionalism and self-interest over community.

    2. 9:28 a.m. What does your comment have to do with raising taxes? Or, stealing more tax payers money.
      Try and focus. If you don't think these leftist/marxists are grabbing cash then you need to wake up.
      You are stating that people that pay taxes are "America Haters"? See, you can't even get that right.
      Stinkin' leftists.

    3. Paying taxes is Patriotic.

    4. Paying taxes is Patriotic...said Kim Jong-un.

  3. They are making a serious cash grab here.

    CAR has become this insidious marxist leaning machine where all they care about is property churn.

    They used to be a decent organization and now they are for all intents and purposes worthless like the 12 year old guy that goes by the name of gruesome.

    Next up

    Massive income tax increases to pay for the bankrupt pension plans.

    California is toast.

    But at least the weather is good and we can look out over full birth abortion planning in cardiff each day.


    1. Try setting an alarm as a reminder to take your meds.

    2. 8:38 Although I stay out of womens business your points are spot on. And, I'll add that I thought Jerry Brown was screwy, newsom makes brown appear normal.

    3. 8:38 - what is "full birth abortion planning"? Are you confused?

    4. 5:28 I had one for both my wife's pregnancies.

      established 529 Plans, set up kids' saving accounts, SAT test prep. They hit 18- BOOM, out the door. Abortion complete.

  4. I feel so sad for the adult children who did nothing to earn that house having to pay normal taxes on it. The same taxes the rest of us would pay if we acquired the house.

    Tell me more about the oppression of getting a free house and having to pay normal taxes on it.

    I want my free house and I want it tax free! Let everyone else pay for schools, police, and fire services!

    1. You mean let the state manage the extra taxes and hope the money goes where they say it will.

      The lotto was supposed to go to the schools and their funding was ultimately cut.

      I've got a bridge to sell you.

    2. 9:55 you do realize taxes are still being paid on the inherited property, right? Are you angry because someone else got a free house? Would you have felt better if they inherited the same amount in cash? Then "no" property taxes would be paid. Face it, some people get lucky and some don't. It's life.

    3. Transfer of ownership triggers a reassessment. Period. Tough shit.

      Quit whining. You got a free house.

    4. 1:28 "Transfer of ownership triggers a reassessment. Period." It does? If it's so simple and cut-and-dried, what is that reassessment? Will it go up? (It certainly won't go down, because government only knows up) How does a family conduct estate planning for such a "clear" situation?

      Look, your family abandoned you at a fire station, or maybe mom and dad threw you off a bridge, but you're a scrappy little guy and survived. Or perhaps you're the one that slipped out of the blanket carried by a drunk stork. You don't care about the family unit, how families sacrifice and contribute tangibles and intangibles to establish a stable home. So in your lonely world, best to have an attitude that says fuck em. You're entitled, but do me a favor and have that attitude from the dirt driveway of your shitty little home in east Arizona.

  5. Lots of low IQ people on this thread.

    No wonder so many folks are so far in debt from spending their futures on useless material garbage.

    I would predict 98% of the posters on this thread have over 30K in credit card debt, have homes that have more than 50% LTV, and drive vehicles that have debt on them.

    Financial illiteracy is as bad as nutrition illiteracy.

    You go eat at in and out every other day and be sure to grab a shake and fries on your credit card!

    Covaids is coming for you and you will die!

    Face diapers unite!

    1. I actually agree with you that we should live within our means, avoid credit card and auto financing, etc.

      But I also believe that part of sound financial planning is being able and willing to pay normal property taxes.

      Being forced to sell a house due to inability to cover property taxes is no different than being forced to sell because you can’t afford the mortgage, maintenance, or insurance.

      These are all costs that need to be factored into your monthly budget, and if you can’t afford them, then you need to sell the house.

      If I inherited a large oceanfront estate in Malibu or a private jet, I’d have to sell them, because I can’t afford the costs associated with that asset. Property taxes are just one of those costs.

    2. 7:14 Living with a steady regime of property taxes for 50 years and then having those property taxes radically and suddenly altered doesn't constitute financial planning based on "normal" property taxes. Figure it out.

    3. 3:33,

      The last 50 years have nothing to do with it. If you inherited home in 2020, you will not be reassessed if this passes. If you inherit a home in 2021, you will be reassessed.

      It’s not retroactive.

      This was a bullshit tax break. It’s good that it’s going away.

    4. 7:48 doesn't like "tax breaks." Not even "tax breaks" reflecting the will/vote of the people of California. She likes giving more money to politicians, because they know how to spend her money, and ours. She likes the government taking what we earned. It's good that government takes what we earned away. I know what I think of 7:48. What do you think?

  6. 8:29 - yes
    Stupid people, posting comments like yours. You are a bittertard.
    Please find your helmeted bretheren and shout speak to each other.

  7. 10:34 is going to be the guy handing out plastic bags to BLM rioters and looters at the local 7-11 if his candidate wins.

    Great economic plan bro!

    1. 8:03 FYI over 90% of BLM protests are devoid of violence and/or looting. Much of the violence has been perpetrated by your Nazi brethren. You are a brainwashed broken record.

    2. Portland as an example? How about Minneapolis. New York City and L.A? Hmmmm those peaceful protests?
      Do yourself a favor and stop watching the sheman or the other whacked leftist liars on msnbc or cnn.
      Think. And please don't vote. You are hurting America

  8. Iths a conthprirathy!

    Setting aside Obama’s underlying criticisms of President Trump, let’s examine her claim that the unrest was “overwhelmingly peaceful.” She is right that after the death of George Floyd in May, peaceful protests and calls for criminal justice reform broke out across the country.

    But she sweeps past the fact that from Chicago to Seattle to Minneapolis to New York City and more, open riots broke out in the streets, as well as peaceful protests. In Minneapolis alone, at least 1,500 properties were destroyed, vandalized, or damaged, many of them minority-owned. In New York City, at least 450 properties were looted or damaged.

    New reporting shows that what Obama describes as “mostly peaceful demonstrations” will set a new record for the most incurred in insured damages of any period of rioting in American history. Total insured damages will reach $1-2 billion, exceeding the previous record set in 1992 in the Los Angeles Rodney King riots.

    To downplay hundreds of riots in cities across the country as “mostly peaceful” is to turn a blind eye to the thousands of businesses destroyed and countless lives that were ruined. All born out of an apparent unwillingness to denounce left-wing radicalism.

    This downplaying of violence is like saying Sept. 11 was an “overwhelmingly peaceful” day because only a few buildings out of the entire country were destroyed. It’s like saying that the day someone died was “mostly uneventful.” It’s like saying the coronavirus is “mostly harmless” because the vast majority of people infected survive the disease.

    In all the above cases, we would rightly decry such comparisons as tone-deaf and misleading. Obama’s narrative is no different.

    The right thing for the former first lady to do would have been to explicitly denounce violence and looting, but align herself with peaceful protest and the criminal justice reform movement. She could even reasonably argue that the Biden-Harris ticket would better advance those goals.

    But Michelle Obama’s choice to downplay and dismiss the very real left-wing violence that swept the country after George Floyd’s death makes her guilty of the very charge she levied against Trump: “spreading lies to win.”

    Mostly peaceful 8:03 LOL

    Turn off the boob tube of propaganda stat!


      Except for the mocking opening, this is word for word plagiarism.

      Typical lazy-assed racist parrot.

    2. Speaking of lawlessness, breaking news today that six right wing domestic terrorists were planning to kidnap a governor.

      Law and Order?

      Yeah, right.

    3. "six right wing domestic terrorists". At least they love America!

    4. No, they don’t.

      They were engaged in a criminal conspiracy to overthrow a democratically elected governor by violent means.

      They are the opposite of patriotic by definition.

  9. "Great patriots", according to the child in office and his flock of sheep.


    pRO tIP:

    Everything the corrupt lying pedo democrats accuse you of - they are doing themselves.

    I know the intelligent people of EU know that but you must gt up in the demon possessed demoncrats faces and shout it at them (with a face diaper of course)

    Thanks you!

    1. Shhhhhh.

      Your renaissance of ignorance is almost over.

    2. 4:40- Go back to school. You can not write, your mind is mush.

  11. But the polls, the poles, the pools!

    How that work out last time?

    Cognitive dissonance is a bitch suckaz

  12. Pay your fair share. Whiners.

  13. For the clowncar driving limosine liberals- why is it that when you post something foolish, false, or just plain stupid why do you always claim you've been hacked?

    It's not just the that demos are pedos...take a listen to your buddy keith olberman today LOL. I used to like that guy when he bloviated on sports for gods sake!

    Are you all buying into the deceit that was 2016 again?

    Are you?

    Are you?

    Orangeman bad!

    Newsom good !

    Don't worry about the stretch from cardiff to seaside it will be covered in sea level rise soon.

    Pay your fair share or yelp will shame you and your decendants in perpwalketuity!

    1. 6:30 PM Your sarcasm and tune change do not disguise the fact that you are still an ignorant moron.

    2. there's a piece a' work. Watching him speak is at best exhausting. The foaming at the corners of the mouth, the eyes moving back and forth at a rapid rate. Making poor decisions day after day. What a goon.
      Thanks voters. And I thought jerry brown was goofy.

    3. Hi I'm your Governor. Some really super smart scientists have determined there is a virus in China that is making it way at an extremely fast pace to spread throughout the world.

      Right now the fatality rate is at 0.0002 which is about the same as the common flu, but who cares, we need news!!!!

      Do not focus on facts, focus on if this thing spreads it could wipe out millions of poor innocent 98 year old fat people struggling with stage IV lung cancer after 70 years of smoking Marlboro Reds and drinking a quart of Jim Beam every day. We know it doesn't effect 98% plus of the world's population and it primarily affects those that are dying anyway, but I told you not to think about the facts.

      You must stay inside and I must shut down all the economy and schools to protect the innocent. If you do not comply, you will be publicly shamed you for killing innocent victims and you will be fined or thrown in jail.

      NOW HEAR THIS, This is the California order!!!



      NOW HEAR THIS, This is your Mayor - Listen to everything your Governor says. He is almost as smart and sexy as studmuffin, oh, I mean Mr. Gonzales... oh, how he makes me shiver with excitement when he speaks.


      -the sad joke of USA of 2020. How did we get here?

    4. 7:58 Trump declared a national emergency.

    5. 220,000 dead Americans and 7:58 thinks it’s funny.

      What an asshole.

      More than half of the people in the World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001 had a history of asthma, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, or other risk factors.

      Maybe we should take all those names off the memorial, huh? I mean, who knows if they died in the collapse, burned to death, or maybe they just had a heart attack because of their heart condition. If there is any doubt, we should assume they died of natural causes.

      Hear how stupid that sounds?

    6. 9:30am - Your brain is dead and you do not understand common sense issues. Go turn on CNN, drink your Gatorade and watch Idiocracy today.

      Remember to stay inside all weekend. You will get COVID if you go outside and talk with anyone.

      You are living the dream, moron.

    7. 7:58/10:16 AM So your solution is to not wear a mask, not practice social distancing, to contract the virus yourself and spread it to as many people as possible before your breathing stops and you croak.

      Better if you off yourself before all that because you have no value to society.

    8. Could somebody please give 10:16 a job.

  14. OMG, 9:30am, 11:02am and 12:05pm seem like they are right out of the Idiocracy movie. Ha!

    Where did 7:58am ever write anything about masks or social distancing? Holy smokes dummies. How do you survive?

    I sure hope you are either too old or too stupid to reproduce. I fear the worse for this country and the world with morons like you not being offed by laws of nature.

    I sure hope we can change our course or I am buying stock in Brawndo. Ha.

    Winter is coming, Winter is coming....COVID is coming..... COVID is coming!!

    The double whammy is coming, the double whammy is coming!

    Remember to stay in side this weekend. I just heard on CNN that COVID is spiking today!!

  15. now reality. I know two good friends who are doing much worse because of the COVID response. Both lost their jobs and now might lose their homes. Both have kids. They are stuggling.

    Another AA started drinking again. Not that uncommon, but I can tell you losing his job was a big deal for him.

    The negative effects to public health from shutting down the economy will far outweigh the gain from saving a few dieing people a few more months. As Charlie McDermott explains, you blew it. The public will never trust the CDC again. The CDC has no clue what they are doing.

    1. False choice.

      The level of shutdown is a consequence of the rate of community spread.

      If we had adult leadership in Washington executing a moonshot for more and better testing, contact tracing, targeted quarantines, and PPE, then our rate of community spread would be much lower. Deaths would be much lower like in other developed countries. And our level of general shutdowns and economic impacts would be much lower than they are now.

    2. 9:23 - Wrong. The issue was supposed to be about not overloading the ICUs. There is major capacity in the ICUs and the whole shut down was not necessary. Newsom and his supporting characters has contributed to killed millions and will be killing millions more in the coming years. Bad decisions have bad consequences. Sad but true.

    3. Please explain why the US has less than 5% of global population, but more than 20% of global COVID deaths.

      The answer is that our national response was ineffective and inept.

      Our leadership failed to formulate and execute a strategy to slow community spread, resulting in 220,000 dead Americans.

  16. Truth-

  17. Nails it.

    Trump and Blakespear/Gonzales need to go.

    1. Let me see if I understand your scribbling. Trump a conservative and blakespear a liberal need to go...right?
      It appears you want a liberal in the Whitehouse and conservative for mayor of Encinitas.
      Ya'...there is nothing wrong inside your head
      Do you see folks, "liberalism is, a mental disorder"

    2. 9:09
      All that matters is a politician's party. Got it.

  18. 9:09- I don't agree with your logic. You are all tie up that it's only a two party platform. I do not play that game.

    I think both Trump and Blakespear are horrible leaders and both must go. They have proved themselves failures. Why stick with a failure?

    I already voted for Thunder and I did not vote for Biden or Trump. Biden, Trump, and Blakespear all suck. Why would I vote for a shitty leader?

  19. Using the latter method, research suggests the virus kills about 0.6% of people it infects, but estimates vary widely and the rate varies significantly by age. This is far less than the death rate from other serious but less-widespread coronavirus infections—SARS and MERS, also known as Middle East respiratory syndrome—but about six times as deadly as the seasonal flu.

    There we have it. Newsom destroyed California from a virus about six times as deadly as the seasonal flu.. Serious bad decision.

    And if your not old or obese, you have much much lower risks.

    Treat the real problem obesity in America.


  20. The America hating left...what's next? More taxes, more restrictions, brain washing the youth into to thinking everyone should have plenty of money (paid for by tax payers). Reparations for things that people who are no longer alive did but somehow it's my fault? (They will never be happy, never)
    Do you know why the America hating left doesn't believe in God?
    They believe in nothing. A group of empty souls with no direction and no sense. The left, the enemy within.
    Simply look at their eyes, the eyes are dead...nothingness.
    They hate their country yet never leave.
    They would rather ruin America.

    1. Hey 12:37, how many times have you posted this crap? Readers here get your point of view, but you're not changing any minds. It's way past time to stop your one-trick-pony act. Try thinking a little and posting something that's informative and intellectually challenging. Otherwise, you and your militia buddies might want to try kidnapping Newsom.

    2. 4:56
      The America hating left has proven to be corrupt. The Russian Hoax has recently been exposed with all the players.
      Proof: obama was informed, hillary clinton and the rats in the FBI that lied. I'll continue to post the truth until I'm am no longer. Apparently you don't care about rats, which tells me much about you. One can only hope they are convicted and jailed.
      You refer to it as crap...people like you make my point.
      The lying left will ruin America if given any chance.
      You used the name Newsom, perfect. A rat if there ever was one.

    3. The moronic posting 4:56 has proven to be dumb. The Martha Steward special revealed that 4:56 is a poof.
      Proof: Multiple postings of the same OAN "truths".
      I'll continue to post the truth about about 4:56 until. Apparently you don't care about nuts burying squirrels which tells me much about you. One can only hope they remember where they buried their essential foodstuff.
      4:56 posts crap... and it is.
      The moronic 4:56 will soil himself again today. A disgusting self-soiler if there ever was one.

    4. 5:58 y 7:49 You don't have the brains god gave a squirrel. You've been scammed. You've fallen for Trump's lies. Nobody with even half a brain has done that.

    5. Keep up the fight against these left-wing atheist but jobs. The late Michael Crichton described their religion of these nutters so well in his article on Environmental Fascism. Google 'Michael Crichton environmentalist's to read it, posted by Hawaiian Free Press. These selfish ego-centric baby boomers gulped down the Kool Aid in the sixties, adopted feminism, opened their legs way too often and helped allow and promote the degeneracy of today's youth (go find a photo of Lisa Shaffer's daughter for proof). Good riddance to all of these left-wing feminized baby boomers. They are a disgrace to American culture and history and deep inside they know it. They were fed a bag of tricks by communists and socialists and now the chickens have come home to roost (their very own left-wing but job kids replete with too many piercings, too many tattoos and God know how many STD's).

  21. 11:08pm
    You are proof once again that "liberalism is, a mental disorder"
    Thank you and continue to post.
    The America hating left needs you.

    1. 10:24 You can't even write a coherent sentence.

    2. It's because you 12:47, are screwed up. Simple readings are a challenge. I'd hate to see your personal life, what mess that must be.
      Night is day, good is bad and smart is...well not in your wheelhouse.

    3. 1:17 PM Your uninformed opinions are worthless.

  22. I can't afford to live here BECAUSE of prop 13. But y'all don't care about people under the age of 65... ��

    1. "I can't afford to live here BECAUSE of prop 13"
      What the hell are you writing about? It's senseless scribbling. What does prop 13 have to do with you?
      Well folks, here is another one.

  23. I voted no on 19, and have urged family and friends to do the same.