Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Encinitas $100,000 pension club membership rises to 25; Mark Muir still king

NamePension AmountYear of Retirement
Mark Muir$191,4412011
Donald G Heiser$168,5932006
Joseph W Bunn$164,0132010
Jeffrey S Henry$159,0462013
Michael P Daigle$157,0362015
Talmadge F Tufts$136,3402005
Paul G Shields$127,3702017
Vincent-Peer Hubner$126,025Beneficiary
Darlene R Hill$117,7792009
Gary A Reeve$117,2652002
Robert J Lamarsh$116,7631992
Robert M Romero$115,5302009
David L Moore$110,3552007
Robert Voorhees$107,7832015
Richard S Phillips$107,3992014
Thomas E Curriden$106,2462013
Charles Essex$106,2362014
Darrin R Ward$105,6232014
Steve M Walsh$105,4862006
John C Gonzales$105,2692014
James R Kelly$104,9832007
Pete Avila$103,4742004
Gregory E Johnson$101,8522004
Michael W Tinch$100,5742013
Deborah N Cervone$100,4672012

Full list of Encinitas pensions here, via Transparent California. Our old friend Masih Maher is collecting $66,575 a year for life now after working just 22 years.

Encinitas' pensions remain severely underfunded despite skyrocketing annual contributions and all-time high stock markets. The problem has been exacerbated by recent council actions like the 2018 firefighter pension spike.


  1. No Encinitas City Council has ever taken action to curb this abuse. The only way it will be rectified is by citizen sponsored initiatives. $50,000/year should be tops... Muir spun in his chair for 30 years and hit the jackpot!

    1. $50,000/year, that's random.

    2. $50,000 a year would qualify you for low income housing in Encinitas.......

    3. It's a pension - remember? You're not buying a house with it. It's retirement, figuring one is already financially stable.

    4. Hey dufus.........what's with the childlike cussing?
      Do you eat with that mouth? I bet your parents are very proud of you.

    5. The Encinitas City Council is owned by the public sector unions. They do as their masters tell them.

  2. Median household income in Encinitas is $104,000. Total pension payout per year for the 25 listed is more than $3 million. Average for the 25 listed pensions is $122,559.

    City policy is to maximize residential and commercial development. A big part of the reason is so the city can pay pensions with the tax revenue.

    The city is destroying the very things that make Encinitas a great place to live.

  3. "Talmadge F Tufts." I picture him in a top hat and monocle, aperitif in hand, chuckling condescendingly at the local rubes in bucolic Encinitas.

  4. Wow. Since retiring- Muir has milked the taxpayers for over $1,440,000.00

    Thats even a-lot of pig trough fillin for him. I bet he even has a few $$ after his meal costs.

  5. FUCK!!!

    They are selling out Encinitas to developers with the end result looking worse than Huntington Beach and all for more tax revenue for the endless huge pension give away the lucky fire princesses and top City Management.

    Fuck that!!!! Residents need to wake up and completely vote out these clowns in the next election!

    1. Entry level fire fighters make over $100K - way over-paid for what they do. It's called a strong union and a weak city government.

  6. fuck the public. you people voted for the people who voted this crap in. you ordered it, now eat it. bwaaaaaaa!

  7. typical spoil bitch fire princess.